Skill and job shortages, Covid 19, and Brexit. This unfortunate trio has created so many issues for various job sectors. It’s now more important than ever to enter the workforce with a solid set of transferable soft and hard skills. (Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: What’s the Difference? ( Having transferable skills allows you to be able to weave between job sectors if you need/want to while expanding your specified knowledge in other areas. The best way to start a career in Business Admin? An apprenticeship!

What is the Business Administrator apprenticeship?

The popularity of apprenticeships is on the rise (which is excellent!), and a Business Administrator apprenticeship is one of the more well-known/popular apprenticeships available here in the UK. During this apprenticeship, you will gain a practical understanding of how to support and engage with an organisation, focusing on adding value to the business. All while contributing to the organisation’s efficiency by supporting functional areas and working across teams, resolving issues as requested.

While doing an apprenticeship in Business Admin, there are endless businesses you can work within, from recruitment agencies to law firms, suiting whichever business type you think would best suit you! Likewise, there are also many career options for a Business Administrator; you could go into business functions such as Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, and more! A great open option if you’re undecided on a career path!

What qualifications/skills do I need?

While there are no formal qualifications you need to apply for this apprenticeship, if not already achieved, you must complete and pass Level 2 English and Maths before taking the end-point assessment.

Being a Business Administrator apprentice also involves demonstrating strong communication skills (both written and verbal); you also must be open to adopting a proactive approach to developing skills.

What qualification will I gain?

After completing the Business Administrator apprenticeship (which will take 12-18 months), you will gain a Level 3 qualification. This is widely recognised and can be used to get a job or access further education courses, including University!

How do I apply?

To apply for a Business Administrator apprenticeship or for more information, call our Zenith Training team at 0191 427 6651 or email Our friendly team will be happy to help! Alternativley, check out the apprenticeships page on our website!