Why do an English Level 2 Functional Skills qualification? 

Everyone has a favourite subject in school; maybe it’s something you simply enjoy or something you are naturally good at; at the same time, you probably have a subject they dread or find really difficult. The frustrating thing is that you can try to succeed at difficult subjects, and it might not work as the subject at hand may not be suited to your individual learning needs.

If GCSEs aren’t suited to you, functional skills qualifications offer a more accessible alternative to a GCSE. An English Functional skills qualification provides a more practical approach to studying English compared to long, tedious exams on monotonous topics. Functional Skills English offers more variety in learning- way more exciting and varied than just analysing books! Take a look at these in-depth guides about Functional Skills qualifications over at BBC Bitesize! Functional Skills – England – BBC Bitesize

How will I be assessed? 

The assessments are also more varied throughout this qualification; the assessment is categorised into three sections: Reading, writing, speaking, listening, and communications. All comprise different assessment styles such as writing tasks, multiple-choice questions, and presentations.

The main objective of these assessments and the qualification, in general, is to encourage you to develop your employment prospects and career options, enabling you to gain skills and apply them to life and the workplace.

How will the qualification help me?

English Level 2 Functional Skills can also serve as a stepping stone qualification which can be used to progress onto further education such as college or university. This qualification is recognised in the same way as GCSEs are, making university more accessible for people who would not usually have access to further education!

Although if further education isn’t for you, you can also enter a range of jobs by attaining this qualification, such as nursing and the fire service!

Learning doesn’t have to be overly difficult or overwhelming, nobody should dread learning, it should be a fun and rewarding experience. Doing a Level 2 Functional Skills English qualification allows you to learn in a more accessible and straightforward way, if you are interested in gaining this qualification, contact Zenith Training today to explore your options.

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