We now live in a digital age. Not only do we enjoy using technology (most of the time), but we rely on it in our modern lives. People nowadays spend more of their time and, crucially, their money online.

For these reasons, digital marketing is a field of work that is developing and fast. And those in the field, Digital Marketers, are in high demand. According to a report by marketing hiring trends; 69% of businesses plan to hire more digital marketers as digital marketing has become an essential aspect of their growth.

So, with that in mind, now is a great time to decide on a career in digital marketing and one way to do that is to study a digital marketing apprenticeship.

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What will completing a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship do for you?

Completing an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing will prepare you to hit the ground running in your career. And prepare you for the future digital landscape. It’s a perfect pathway to gain skills, knowledge and experience.

Across sectors, we know businesses are putting more and more effort into developing their online presence. And we know they’re looking for new ways to sell or attract consumers. Therefore, understanding how to leverage digital marketing as opposed to traditional marketing is beneficial.

As previously mentioned, digital marketers are in high demand due to their impact on business growth. And this growth is due to behaviour in how consumers buy goods/services. That is, online. These trends bode well for job security in digital marketers.

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What is Digital Marketing?

To understand Digital Marketing, it might help to first read up on traditional marketing. FeeDough have broken down the topic nicely in this article. But Digital marketing is the new school. And basically, it refers to any marketing method that uses the internet to communicate, whether through websites, social media, display advertising, search engines, email, etc.

Digital marketing isn’t dissimilar to traditional marketing methods, especially in fundamentals. It’s really the target audience that differentiates the two. Traditional appeals to the Baby Boomers and Gen X. Digital is more suitable for Millennials and Gen Z. Though there are overlaps, it’s uncommon for a 14-year-old to read a newspaper, and even less likely your gran is scrolling through TikTok.

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What type of jobs are available?

Many roles fall under the Digital Marketing umbrella. Meaning after the apprenticeship, you could go into a career in any of the following:
Marketing Assistant
Social Media Assistant
SEO Specialist
Brand Manager
Digital Marketing Executive
Marketing Analyst
Email Marketing Manager
Digital Advertising Roles
There are always ways to develop your role and seniority like any industry. Take a look at this post from ‘gravytrain.co.uk’ for further insight into why digital marketing is a great industry to work in! 10 Reasons why Digital Marketing is the Best Job in the World (gravytrain.co.uk)

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Do I need any skills to do a digital marketing apprenticeship?

Due to the nature of the apprenticeship and the content within, you should be IT savvy. But, this is rarely an issue for younger people who have grown up using the internet. It would be best if you also showed an interest in social media and marketing, after all you’ll be studying it for 18 months and taking a step towards spending a tonne of more time in the area!

Understanding some basic principles around coding (HTML and CSS) is also helpful. But not necessary and covered in the course we offer at Zenith.

If this article has piqued your interest in Digital Marketing, we’d love to hear from you. Say hi by sending us an email at apprenticeships@zenithtraining.org.uk