Apprenticeships, the modern way to learn.

It’s widely accepted that knowledge not practised is knowledge forgotten. The Apprenticeship route solves this challenge by providing a work setting where the apprentice constantly applies their newly learnt skills, knowledge and behaviours.

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What are apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are a different route to earning qualifications that involve working in the actual environment you aspire to work within.

They provide a blend of real-world experience and technical training that ensures you’ll be ready to make an impact from day one in your career.

They also provide direct access to mentorship from experienced professionals to gain valuable industry knowledge.

If I'm working, do I get paid?

Yes! And unlike other educational routes, you’ll be debt free at the end of an apprenticeship.

Starting in any career usually means starting on a lower income, which is true for most apprenticeships. Earning whilst you learn, however, is nigh on impossible through other routes, and once you gain your qualification, you’ll have the industry experience to match too.

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But is it as good as full-time education?

To answer the question, many of you are wondering, yes, apprenticeships are just as good/valuable as an academic education.

We have already mentioned above the many benefits of becoming an apprentice.

Apprenticeships and vocational education have unfairly picked up a lousy stigma down the years due to being considered less academic.

This outdated attitude may still be present, but many employers are now using apprenticeships to attract and nurture talent at this early stage with a view to providing a lifelong career.

Do I qualify? – Apprenticeship mythbusters!

A common question around apprenticeships is – How old do I have to be? To be honest you can be anywhere between 16 to 65+, just as long as you are not already in full-time education.

Another question is around how much off-the-job training will need to be completed outside of normal working hours (aka homework) and the answer is simple – none.

An apprenticeship is a work-based programme so all off-the-job training must take place within normal working hours. This means minimal impact to your social and family commitments.

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I ended up getting the apprenticeship, and I wanted to express my appreciation for what I learned during the assessment centre, which no doubt helped me to be successful.