Hospitality woRKSHOP

Course Level

Bespoke Workshop


In Person

Guided Learning

3 half-day workshops

Qualification Time

6 weeks


Training throughout this workshop consists of 4.5-hour workshops spanning over three days. Learners will complete self-reflection between workshop sessions to show learning and understanding. Topics within the workshop can be based on any specified development area identified during the TNA with the employer.

Not sure what the workshop will entail? Please have a read through our workshop outline below!

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What you will learn in a Level 2 - Hospitality Workshop

Session 1: Maintaining customer service through effective handover

  • Responsibilities in a customer service team
  • Following up customer service actions
  • Maintaining customer service through effective handover

Session 2: Safe, hygienic and secure working environments in hospitality

  • Personal responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act
  • The importance of working in a safe and hygienic way
  • Hazards and safety in the workplace

Session 3: Resolving customer service problems and promoting additional services or products

  • Responding to a customer service problem when it is raised
  • Importance of promoting additional services or products that are available
  • Promoting additional services or products to customers to benefit organisations and its customers
  • Connecting with the Customer
  • Applying Digital platforms to your business and creating a digital marketing and sales plan

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