customer service woRKSHOP

Course Level

Bespoke Workshop


In Person

Guided Learning

3 half-day workshops

Qualification Time

6 weeks


Our customer service workshops are designed to teach participants about customer service.

If you are looking to get you or your team up to scratch look no further. Have a look  below what will be covered in this workshop

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What you will learn in this CUSTOMER SERVICE WORKSHOP

Session one: introduction to Customer Service

  •  The principles of customer service
  •  Understand how customer needs and expectations are formed
  • Understand principles of responding to customer problems and complaints

Session two: Practises and processes

  •  Identify the interpersonal and team working skills required in the customer service environment
  • Identify the legislation which supports the customer service process

Session three: The next steps

  • Learn the practical skills required to deliver effective customer service
  • Understand how to meet customer needs and manage expectations
  • Understand how to communicate effectively with customers
  • Learn how to improve customer service and self
  • Connecting with the Customer
  • Applying Digital platforms to your business and creating a digital marketing and sales plan

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