Course Level

Level 3 Improvement Technician


15 Months



What's involved in the Improvement Technician apprenticeship?

The Improvement Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship is designed to develop knowledge, improve skills and instil the right behaviours to effectively implement various Lean Six Sigma principles such as Define, Measure, Analyse, Implement and Control (DMAIC).

Technicians typically work as a members of an operational team to resolve problems – preventing re-occurrence, engaging others in issues affecting them and supporting the improvement of performance. 

What you will learn in a Supply Chain Operator apprenticeship.

unit 1: Understanding

  • How to communicate effectively with customers/colleagues in line with the organisational culture.
  • Structure of the industry.
  • Importance of delivering excellent customer service.
  • Vision, objectives, and brand of the organisation.
  • Changes to systems, processes and technology.
  • How to maintain a level of appropriate fitness within their role.

unit 2: Application

  • Establish a good rapport with customers/colleagues.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Demonstrate safe moving and handling of different objects.
  • Work well within a team.
  • Seek to review, update and implement improvements to own method of working.
  • Adapt to new technology and accept the need for change.
  • Work under pressure and to agreed deadlines.

unit 3: Demonstration

  • Demonstrate integrity, credibility, honesty and personal drive in every aspect of their role.
  • Take ownership and responsibility for their safety.
  • Pay attention to the safe and effective use of equipment and machinery.
  • Take ownership of performance and training.
  • Strive to achieve the best results in all they do.
  • Commit to achieving all personal and organisational objectives.

unit 4: End Point Assessment

  • Knowledge and behaviour test.
  • Practical Assessment.