Course Level

Bespoke Workshop


In Person

Guided Learning

3 half-day workshops

Qualification Time

6 weeks


Throughout the use of Business Improvement Techniques (BIT), learners will gain knowledge and understanding in a range of areas, including:

– Safe and effective team working

– Principles and techniques that support workplace organisation

– An understanding of continuous improvement techniques (Kaizen)

– Their application in the workplace.

– Visual management systems

– Problem-solving-slow process analysis.

Wondering what else you’ll learn in an Engineering and Manufacturing workshop? Dive deeper and take a look below!

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What you will learn in an Engineering and manufacturing workshop

5S Training

This 5S Training is designed to provide knowledge on different elements of 5S. Topics covered include the various benefits of 5S;

■ How to remove unnecessary items
■ Equipment layout
■ Storage methods
■ Visual management
■ General cleaning
■ Activity planning and resourcing
■ Concepts of red-tagging and auditing
■ Implementation of plan development


The Kaizen training course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to implement and enhance Kaizen culture in participants organisations. Individuals will learn how to assist the progress of Kaizen events and exercises. They will become familiar with Kaizen’s continuous improvement methods and will completely understand the benefit Kaizen can have on enterprises.


This course provides a compelling introduction to what Lean is all about and how it can be beneficial for an organisation. Lean is all about maximising customer value whilst eliminating waste, saving money and building continuous improvement in the quality of manufacturing.

  • Connecting with the Customer
  • Applying Digital platforms to your business and creating a digital marketing and sales plan

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