Bespoke Workshops

At Zenith Training we understand that every organisation has different needs, challenges and aspirations. That is why we offer completely customisable workshops to help upskill your teams in the specific ways you need. We cover Customer Service, Engineering and Manufacturing, People management, Sales, Digital, Microsoft Office and much more.


Fully Funded Training Courses

Our bespoke workshops can be fully-funded by the European Social Fund through the ‘BEST In’ programme. BEST In stands for Business, Enterprise, Skills, Technology and Innovation. The programme has been designed to support and compliment the North East’s ambitious growth plans, by delivery high quality training.

The BEST In programme is available for Small to Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and partly delivered by Zenith Training. So, contact us to find out how you can utilise this great opportunity.

The steps we'll take


We’ll check your company and employees are eligible.


Help you to identify key areas where upskilling could benefit your business.


We’ll assess individuals or teams current skills


Review your business and  identify skills that are needed.


Design your learning and development programme


Define the impact of our solution and finalise.


We’ll get your employees enrolled and begin..

A broad range of solutions

We understand training solutions aren’t one size fits all. Which is why once we’ve identified your organisation’s training priorities, we’ll then design a solution based on that information so that your business culture and requirements are met at every stage.

And that solution can be in the form of accredited and non-accredited training across theses key areas

And our workshops can be combined with our other training in the form of training packages (still fully funded)!