Microsoft Office woRKSHOP

Course Level

Bespoke Workshop


In Person

Guided Learning

3 half-day workshops

Qualification Time

6 weeks


This series of three half-day workshops are designed to make you office ready. Our Microsoft Office Workshops provide fundamental computer skills for those who work in an office environment.

Almost every business uses at least one Microsoft Office programme within their operations. Within these four-and-a-half-hour workshops, you will gain a good understanding of the software essential for any office-based career.

Not sure what the workshop will entail? Please have a read through our workshop outline below!

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What you will learn in a microsoft office workshop

Microsoft Word

Our Microsoft Word workshop will cover the basics – from starting the application, to inputting text, saving documents, page breaks, auto-correct, cut and paste, indenting and bullets, page numbers, the use of tables, WordArt and text boxes, clip art, the use of columns through to applying, creating and modifying styles.

Microsoft Excel

Our Microsoft Excel course covers areas such as creating worksheets, formatting text, simple and complex formulas; handling rows and columns, auto complete, using styles, headers and footers, average, max and min functions and using charts.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Our Microsoft PowerPoint course will teach you the basics of the application. You will be able to create a presentation from scratch, learn how to improve the format of your text as well as getting to grips with importing and manipulating graphics, using the PowerPoint drawing tools and the chart and table design tools to make your presentation much more visually stimulating. You will also learn how to make modifications to your presentation before you learn how PowerPoint is used in a live presentation.

  • Connecting with the Customer
  • Applying Digital platforms to your business and creating a digital marketing and sales plan

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