About Us

We’re a friendly bunch and passionate about learning!  Curious about the team that powers Zenith Training? Meet the team! 

The Zenith Training Star

Who we are

Zenith Training works across various sectors, integrating strategic thinking with innovative training to help businesses deliver their strategy and future growth.

Working with organisations and individuals, we apply our knowledge and experience to each scenario to deliver structured and responsive programmes with measurable outcomes. We believe training and development should drive business needs and not just be training for training’s sake.

Our team are hardworking, professional and keen to make a demonstrable difference to the organisations we work with and the individuals within them.

Meet the team

Zenith Training are powered by friendly, like minded individuals. We believe in bringing a personal touch to your training needs.  Why not meet the team! We’ve put together this handy page telling you about each of us!

How we work

The feedback we gather tells us that our overriding approach is consultative – we listen to each organisation or individual’s requirements and develop a solution which meets those requirements in a tailored way. One size does not fit all as far as we’re concerned…

Whether it’s onboarding and induction, upskilling and workforce development, pre-employment training, or leadership and management training, we work to understand what organisations want to achieve and cascade that through learning and development to staff at all levels.

Once we understand what you need, we work hard to deliver.

By applying our funding knowledge, strategic thinking, business understanding, training expertise and practical approach to measurable outcomes in an individualised way, we can develop a precise solution that delivers immediate impact and a legacy of ongoing improvement.