People Management woRKSHOP

Course Level

Bespoke Workshop


In Person

Guided Learning

3 half-day workshops

Qualification Time

6 weeks


Our People Management workshops are designed to teach participants about the multiple facets of people management and how they will benefit your business.


We do this by breaking the course into three digestible half day sessions that cover the following topics:

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What you will learn in a People Management Workshop

Session one: Introduction to People Management

• Leadership styles: Skills needed to be an effective people manager
• Professionalism: Importance to business, staff and customers
• Emotional Intelligence: Look at how we communicate and read people

Session two: People Management

• Real life scenarios
• Coaching: What is a coach/how do we use coaching to get the best out of our teams
• Motivation: Looking at how do we motivate others
– Team work
– Leadership
• SMART targets and constructive feedback
• Conflict: Dealing with difficult people
• Communication Techniques

Session three: The next steps

• Real life scenarios
• Communication: Looking into communication styles and how to adapt behaviours
• Team dynamics: What makes a good team
• Team building: How to build an effective team
• Active listening
• Action planning for success
• Developing staff

  • Connecting with the Customer
  • Applying Digital platforms to your business and creating a digital marketing and sales plan

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