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Is a Multi-Channel Marketing Apprenticeship right for you?

Is a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Right for you

We live in a digital age; we not only enjoy using technology, but we also rely on it to remedy our modern life in many ways. Nowadays, people spend their time and money online compared to years past, at a time when these factors were more evenly distributed across other platforms and areas.

Digital marketing is developing rapidly, with many different career opportunities up for grabs. There is also a high demand for Multi-Channel Marketers, according to a report by Marketing Hiring Trends, 69% of businesses plan to hire more Multi-Channel Marketers as digital marketing has now become a key aspect of growth for the majority of businesses.

Completing an apprenticeship in Multi-Channel Marketing prepares you for the future of the inevitable  digital world and is a perfect pathway into the industry. Regardless of the industry, businesses are increasingly focusing on developing a robust online presence, therefor understanding the online world of marketing, and getting ahead of the game doesn’t hurt. Multi-Channel marketing is also a career that has the opportunity to grow fast, as digital marketers are in constant demand due to the developing market, enabling a higher chance of job security.

A Multi-Channel Marketing apprenticeship has the ability to integrate traditional marketing techniques with current mobile technology, it is a new way of marketing to adapt to ever-changing audiences.

What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Multi-Channel marketing refers to any type of marketing method that utilises technological advances in order to reach the consumer, whether that be the internet, mobile devices, social media, display advertising, search engines and others. This component of marketing is not indifferent from traditional methods in theory, however, in practice, it works to make practical and effective use of modern ever ever-growing technology.

Some ways common Multi-Channel Marketing methods include the likes of:  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing and Native Advertising.

What types of jobs are available within Multi-Channel Marketing?

There are a wide variety of roles that fall under the Multi-Channel Marketing umbrella. Following an apprenticeship and entering the Digital Marketing world, you could go into roles such as:

  • Marketing Assistant
  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Assistant
  • SEO Specialist
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Digital Advertising Roles

Like any industry, there are always ways to develop your role within Multi-Channel Marketing and further your career with opportunities to progress along the way. Take a look at this post from ‘’ for some further insight as to why digital marketing is a great industry to work in! 10 Reasons why Digital Marketing is the Best Job in the World (

Is a Multi-Channel Marketing Apprenticeship right for me?

Due to the nature of the apprenticeship and the content within, it is expected that an apprentice is tech and IT savvy to some extent, as a lot of components of the apprenticeship relate to the internet, and social media etc. This is rarely an issue for younger generations, as the majority of young people are equipped with knowledge of the internet and technology as a whole. Understanding some basic principles around coding is also useful to know but is not necessary. These recommendations are formed on the basis that they are useful in assisting you in your apprenticeship, but you can start this apprenticeship without any previous experience!

Upon undertaking a Multi-Channel Marketing apprenticeship, you will learn and understand the content to equip you with the skills necessary in order to become a great and relevant Multi-Channel Marketer.



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